I guess the Wright story is passe. Daniel Pipes, the one-time academic and now full-time race warrior, is back to proving that Barack Obama is a Muslim.

If only Barack had just said so. If he’s a Muslim, he obviously has no serious involvement with a Christian cleric who is, like so many Christians, really into Jesus Christ.

Of course, Pipes — whose very lucrative business is convincing Jews that all Muslims are out to kill them — probably hasn’t paid any attention to the Wright controversy. Did the White Citizens Council devote attention to, I don’t know, Hungarians?

Pipes’ business (and I use the word carefully) is libeling Muslims, all Muslims (except those few Uncle Ahmeds he digs up who, for fat fees, go on lecture tours to reveal that all the world’s problems are caused by…their fellow Muslims).

It’s a nice racket.

Of course, Pipes knows Obama is not Muslim. But he also knows that he’s black and it’s considerably easier to Muslim bait an African-American named Obama than a caucasian. A boy has got to do what he’s got to do. He’s got kids to feed (I assume).


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