Six hate crimes were reported throughout the state in 2006, according a report by the state attorney general.

The tally is the highest in the five years the state has been preparing the report. In 2002, two hate crimes were reported and just one crime followed each year thereafter.

But the report says only two of last year’s cases qualify as classic hate crimes in which the offenders “deliberately and without provocation targeted their victims based solely on their biases.”

Those incidents included a group of young men who shouted anti-white epithets at another group in Waikiki. One member of the first group, a 21-year-old Hawaiian, tried to kick and punch one of the victims.

The offender was charged with harassment, but the case was later dismissed.

In the other case, two servicemen assaulted three men leaving a downtown bar after shouting anti-Arab and anti-Muslim epithets. The victims suffered facial cuts, cracked teeth and bruises. One offender, a 20-year-old white male, was charged with two counts of third-degree assault. He received a deferred acceptance of no contest and was ordered to pay restitution and take alcohol abuse and anger management assessments. Charges were still pending for a second offender at the end of the year.


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