The local Muslim community is offering food for thought. It’s pledging to make regular donations to Churches United. Donations designed to feed the hungry while helping to erode stereotypes.

Box by box and project by project, local Muslims are on a mission. They’re working to change hearts and minds with food for local pantries. A project that extends to 20 other cities across the country.

“We should get busy serving our neighbor and learn about one another,” said Ahmed Elkhaldy, president of the Muslim American Society-Iowa.

That’s one reason why the group is delivering 500 pounds of meat to Churches United in Rock Island. They plan to return monthly with more to feed the hungry and open minds to what Islam is all about.

“I think they’re demonstrating there is a far more positive side of Islam than what a few have hijacked and turned into something else,” said Mike Wakefield, Barnabas Uplift.

Generosity coming on a day when there’s another bombing of the Golden Mosque in Iraq. It’s landing a blow to hopes for peace between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Fear it will trigger more sectarian warfare abroad.

“I feel the pain and the suffering of every innocent person regardless of their religion, skin color or nationality,” Elkhaldy said.


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