The Muslim American Society Service Corps is reaching out to people of all faiths in need, nationally and locally.

Here, 500 pounds of meat was delivered Wednesday, which will be part of a monthly donation being distributed through Churches United of the Quad-City Area.

The boxes of meat are being distributed at four local food pantries administered through Churches United. The donation is part of the National Humanitarian Day relief drive to give sustenance to people in need across the United States.

“You are not a member of the community until you share with the community. Muslim Americans are part of the community and this is part of their responsibility to their community,” said Imam Ahmed Elkhaldy, president of Muslim American Society-Iowa. “To me it is divine obligation and I am doing my part to my neighbor and neighborhood.”

National Humanitarian Day is a fulfillment of the Qur’anic command to “feed the distressed ones in want.” The relief drive benefits disadvantaged people in their own communities, regardless of religious or ethnic backgrounds. The society is partnering with local organizations, like Churches United.

Churches United appreciates having an opportunity to partner with the society and ensure more people can receive emergency provisions, said Anne Wachal, program manager.

Churches United is an ecumenical organization that works with diverse groups and agencies on justice and social action issues in addition to its hunger ministries, radio show and other endeavors, she said.

The meat was slaughtered at a Muslim slaughterhouse, Elkhaldy said. “We hope this is only the beginning and we hope we’ll be able to contribute about 500 pounds of meat monthly through the Churches United,” he said.


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