Someday the fuel efficiency of your car may be directly related to the efforts of a young man who’s now a senior at the Universal School in Bridgeview.

To say Osama Zayyad has a passion for science is an understatement; it is his life.

He has taken the gold award for most outstanding science fair project at regional and state competitions. In fact, he has earned the gold award every year since he was in eighth grade, and the past three years, he moved up to the state level of competition. For the past two years, Zayyad, 17, received the best in category award in engineering, which is the top award at the state level.

All this time, Zayyad has been researching the viscosity of synthetic motor oil compared to petroleum-based motor oil and how numerous variables affect each and impact the environment and fuel efficiency of cars. Every year, he has pursued the same topic in different categories – chemistry, physics and engineering – enhancing and expanding upon the project through the years as he added different variables.

“I have found that full synthetic motor oils outperform petroleum and semi-synthetic motor oils under cold temperatures of minus-10 degrees Fahrenheit,” Zayyad said. “They are more fluid-like and able to protect the engine at higher temps and also are able to protect engines by maintaining their thickness.

“Recently, a lot of effort has been put into making cars more fuel efficient to reduce global warming and carbon dioxide in the air. If you can increase the efficiency of the engine 5 percent, you would save 300 billion tons of carbon emissions or greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

Zayyad also is largely involved in the school community and in sports. He was a National Merit semifinalist and earned an ACT score of 33. He is a member of Innercity Muslim Action Network, which visits homeless shelters and helps organize canned food drives. He is a member of student council and last year served as president of the student body.


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