This is in response to the letter by Anna Helmers (“We’re engaged in war between good, evil,’” YourViews, May 29).

As a lifelong Christian who has actually read the Quran, I think her comments about Islam being the greatest threat to the United States are unrealistic.

Fanatics of any religion can be a threat to us, I will grant that, but that includes anyone who calls themselves Christian, Muslim, Taoist, whatever.

Islam is not the problem; militant religious fanatics are the problem.

And, according to the Quran, it is not desirable to die for Mohammed – peace be unto him. The Quran is very explicit, “If you murder someone, you forfeit your right to live.”

And Islam is not the only religion that has asked its followers to die for the faith. Does anyone remember a thing called the Crusades? I seem to remember something about the pope of the time saying that all knights would go to heaven for fighting in the Crusades.

And if the Muslim child were “totally indoctrinated to do the will of Islam,” they would be taught to treat others as they wished to be treated, give alms, pray five times daily and be a good person.

So I guess we should be watching out for Islamic children who are nice to us, help us when we’re down by giving us a few dollars and pray for us to get back on our feet.

Chris Fulton


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