FRANKFORT (WLS) — An anti-Muslim e-mail was at the center of an interfaith meeting Tuesday night at a southwest suburban mosque.

The American Islamic Association of Frankfort invited members of churches and synagogues and the man they say sent the e-mail, Frankfort Township Assessor Paul Ruff, to attend.

The group says Ruff sent the e-mail to several people in the Frankfort Mokena area in June. According to the group, the email suggested that Americans follow the sentiments of former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, who said Muslims who want to live under Muslim religious law should get out of the country.

Muslims at the interfaith meeting say attitudes like these send messages of hate.

“If he was a knowledgeable person, he would never speak out such hateful words because this is a world of love. And we do not need any hateful words like that,” said Tasneem Abbasi, Frankfort resident. “I hope he takes back those words and never says them again.”

Ruff did not attend the meeting. He has not returned numerous calls for a comment.


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