There is a developing threat to our country that we need to understand. People are planning to take over the United States and our way of life from the inside out.

That threat is the Muslim religion. Their goal-stated over and over again-for centuries-is to take over the world, and they believe the United States is the #1 obstacle to achieving that goal.

England is the 2nd most important obstacle. They believe after those two fall, all other will have no chance of stopping them.

They are building mosques (their churches), in the U.S. Christians are not permitted to build churches in their countries. Non-believers, (you and I), must pay a special tax to them in their countries.

If you join the Muslim religion, the punishment for getting out is DEATH-this according to the Quran-their equivalent of our Bible.

Their oppression of women is almost unbelievable-again-according to the Quran and how they interpret it. Women cannot go outside the home without being accompanied by a male member of the household. They are basically slaves to their husbands-everywhere in the household-including the bedroom. She must cater to his every wish anytime he desires. She can only eat after he has finished. He is permitted to beat her anytime he chooses, and she has no say in that-or anything else.

They can pretend to be your friend, lie to you, and do anything else-all perfectly OK according to the Quran.

If this sounds radical to you, read three books. “Because they Hate” by Bridgitte Gabriel, “Honor Lost” by Norma Khouri, and “Islam and Terrorism” by Mark A. Gabriel. These are written by people who have lived their oppression, and we cannot argue with their experiences. If you question anything in this letter, those books will answer your questions.

We read and hear about “Muslim extremists.” We are led to believe a small percentage are extremists. Read those books, and you will realize MOST are extremists. So few are NOT extremists that they are afraid to speak out for fear of retribution.

This is the religion behind Al Quaeda. It has been very violent for hundreds of years, and shows no signs of changing. Please, just read the books.

Tom Thomas,
West Chester


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