The first part of this sentence is correct, but the second part is not – the result of Muslims recognizing the “utter hopelessness of Islam” will not be a Kemalism with Arab characteristics (i.e., a suppression of Islam by a secular state) but rather a fundamental change in the Islamic faith itself. The reason Kemalism is unraveling is that it couldn’t bring about such a fundamental change – it was an example of premature anti-Islamism. After WWI, Turkey’s elites were about the only people in the Islamic world who understood the utter hopelessness of Islam. . .

Here’s the way it will play out: When Iran’s Islamic regime finally unravels, some significant number of nominal Muslims will quickly become apostates, embracing Bahai or Zoroastrianism or Christianity (or Buddhism or even Judaism). As this becomes a more widespread and public thing, some of the many remaining fundamentalists will start beheading newly Christian school children and raping newly Zoroastrian women and blowing up newly constructed Bahai temples, intensifying the existing popular disgust with the Islamic faith and thus accelerating conversions to other faiths.


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