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From the Casper, Wyoming Star Tribune:


If you believe that Muslims are just different religious believers, that they want to get along with the rest of us, you should read Mark Steyn’s “America Alone” and learn why Islam is actually bent on dominating the world.

And their holy book, the Koran, states clearly that it’s perfectly OK to kill the infidels, nonbelievers like you and me. (Mohammed meant business.)

Right now they’re beginning to transform Europe — not through terror — but by massive immigration. You see, the Europeans welcome immigrants because they need many more young folks since at 1.3 children per couple the French, the Germans, the Belgians and the rest aren’t providing a new generation of workers to support the gigantic welfare state.

So the Muslims rush in from their poor countries, a goodly number go on welfare, and all refuse to assimilate while demanding their own dress and customs be accepted.

They also know how to produce large families so in another generation or two the Muslims will be in control.

Be aware of what’s going on. The book is witty, amusing, erudite. Try it.



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