MUMBAI – A Muslim man has been arrested in connection with last week’s bombing of an ancient mosque in Hyderabad that killed 11 people, police said on Friday, the first suspect to be held in the case.

The man was detained late on Tuesday from a small town in Maharashtra in connection with the bombing of a 17th century mosque in Hyderabad during Friday prayers last week.

Five people were shot dead by police trying to stop violent demonstrations that broke out after the blasts in the communally sensitive city in Andhra Pradesh.

“One person has been arrested and is being questioned,” said K.P. Raghuvanshi, Maharashtra’s anti-terrorism squad chief, without elaborating on the charges against the man.

In Hyderabad, police baton-charged mobs that hurled stones at them and tried to loot shops after Friday prayers at the Mecca mosque, which was bombed last week.


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