Keeping the faith for the sake of all our Aqsa Parvezes

Column, Dec. 15

Islamic literature speaks of the “era of ignorance” when it addresses pre-Islamic Arab society – a time in which some of the men would bury their own infant daughters alive. Islam rid pagan Arabia of such practices, and raised women to a high status in days when they were considered property.

There are people today who fail to grasp the concept of the hijab. It is a right that Muslim women have fought for, some even spending time in prisons in so-called Muslim countries.

Although Islam is related to Judaism and Christianity, how Islam treats women is completely different. From its beginnings, Islam rejected the concept of original sin and the idea that the fall of mankind was due to a woman, Eve. Instead, the Qur’an says that man and woman committed the sin together, and that God forgave them when they asked for forgiveness. Islam gave women the right to property, inheritance and the vote 1,400 years ago. Even a simple statement in the Qur’an that women are human beings and have a soul was unthinkable in its time and cannot be found in other scriptures.

Islam has and will continue to flourish, and many more women will continue to wear their hijabs proudly. Let us stop patronizing them and respect their rights. In the meantime, if a criminal takes a life, let us treat him like a criminal.

Mohamed Aidid, Thornhill


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