Neither Israel nor the American Israel Public Affairs Committee are putting together a proactive campaign to combat the new Stephen Walt-John Mearsheimer book slamming the Israel lobby for allegedly hijacking US foreign policy.

The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy is scheduled to hit the stores on September 5, but is already being sold on the Internet.

Government officials in Jerusalem, explaining why the Foreign Ministry has chosen to ignore the book, said Sunday that Israel had no desire to “help the sales of the book,” something that would happen, one official said, if Israel aggressively fired back. “We don’t want to play into their hands.”

AIPAC’s policy on the book, and other similar books and articles that attack it and organizations lobbying on behalf of Israel, is to avoid a mud-slinging campaign that would detract from the organization’s work.

Walt and Mearsheimer charge in the book that Israel and its American supporters “have been able to stymie any detente between Iran and the United States, and to keep the two countries far apart,” and that “many policies pursued on Israel’s behalf now jeopardize US national security.” (MORE)


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