According to Islamic tradition, all prophets and messengers are brothers. They have different mothers, but they have one father, the message of God (the religion).

It is true that a person is not a Muslim if he or she does not love and revere Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and all the prophets and messengers revealed or not revealed to him or her.

For that reason, you will not hear a practicing Muslim take the name of a prophet in vain. It is hurtful when you see the caricatures of a prophet like in Nordic Europe or a nude chocolate Jesus statue in New York, in the name of freedom of speech. It is not always easy; however, a practicing Muslim is guided to restrain anger if degradation of prophets is experienced.

On the other hand, it is always a pleasure to remind us of the lessons in the sayings of these divinely inspired human beings. And, it is the Islamic tradition.

Here is a small sample of the parallel sayings of Jesus and Muhammad. I have used the King James Version for the sayings of Jesus and the English translation of the Quran to the best of my ability to determine:

-“God knows your hearts.” Luke 16:15

“God knows the secrets of your hearts.” Quran 3:154 (MORE)


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