( ANAHEIM, CA, 11/8/2005) – The Southern California office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) today urged a Los Angeles synagogue that recently hosted the operator of a virulently anti-Muslim website to invite a Muslim representative who can offer a balancing perspective on Islam.

CAIR-LA has learned that Robert Spencer, who operates the “Jihad Watch” Internet hate site, spoke at Temple Shalom for the Arts during a Yom Kippur event. Spencer’s website is notorious for its depiction of Islam as an inherently violent faith that is a threat to world peace.

Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald recently wrote on that site:

“To be sure, plenty of Believers in exotic creeds alien or new to the West have managed to fit in perfectly well, and be friendly neighbors and loyal citizens. . .Only one group, only one belief-system, distinguishes itself by appearing incapable of fitting in. And that is Muslims, and Islam. . . if one really knew what Islam contained . . .then how could any decent person remain a Muslim?”

He went on to recommend that western nations be “Islam-proofed the way a house is child-proofed,” compared Muslims to Nazis and urged that they be boycotted: “[I]t should not be hard to find ways to limit the spread or practice of Islam. And if in addition to whatever local, state and federal government officials do, private parties simply conduct their own boycott of goods and services offered by Muslims, in the same way that they would have refused to buy, in 1938, a German Voigtlander camera. . .”


Comments posted on the site are bone-chilling in the raw hatred they espouse. For example, one poster described Muslims as being like animals, writing: “If they want students to learn about Islamic culture, what’s wrong with a simple field trip to the city zoo?”

Other anti-Muslim comments on the Jihad Watch website include:

* “Islam strips its followers of all aspects of their identity and in short converts them into killer-Zombies.”

* “Islam, the preferred religion of criminals.”

* “If Mohammad were alive today and spouting his ‘new’ message from God in today’s media he would be identified and branded as the lunatic that he was and be jailed or hospitalized.”


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