A federal judge presiding over the case of a San Diego student charged with lying to a federal grand jury probing the Sept. 11 hijackers railed at prosecutors Tuesday and threatened to throw out the case after learning the defendant was shackled during his grand jury appearances. At a pre-trial hearing U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin blasted prosecutors for shackling Osama Awadallah, a Jordanian, in 2001 while he was a material witness during the probe of the terror attacks. Scheindlin also said she may grant a defense motion to toss out the case after Awadallah’s lawyers, Jesse Berman and Liz Fink, cited a Supreme Court ruling Monday that declared “visibly shackling undermines the presumption of innocence.” She scheduled a hearing into the matter for Memorial Day. The trial is to begin Tuesday. (MORE)


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