The Ku Klux Klan is using the graduation prayer controversy at Shelby County High School as an attempt to recruit new members.

A single Klansman from Louisville showed up with a sign at the high school Tuesday. About two dozen Shelby County High School seniors chanted in front of the courthouse their message to the Ku Klux Klan.

“A lot of people support being Christian but personally I don’t think we agree with anything the KKK has to stand for,” said Nadine Delarosa.

The Klan’s visible turnout in Shelby County Tuesday — one Michael Hibbs of Louisville, who showed up in front of Shelby County High School, protesting the school board’s decision to honor one student’s request to ban organized prayer from the graduation ceremony.

“Diversity is the god of Satan. That’s what he worships. Anybody is welcome in his church. All false religions and homosexuals,” said Hibbs. “I’m here to protest. This is a Christian nation. It was founded upon Christian principles. These people from these other countries come over here with their fake religions, their strapping bomb to theirself religions, they come here wanting freedom, they get to this country and what do they do? They wanna tell you and me how to live, people who’ve lived here our whole life for generations back.”

One woman stopped to ask Hibbs how he could hate and call himself a Christian. Another applauded him.

Hibbs left as soon as our camera did, but stopped to put KKK fliers on windshields in Shelbyville:

The Muslim student who successfully challenged the idea of a graduation prayer was pleased to see a group of classmates fighting back.

“We all have different opinions on the graduation prayer issues but we’re here united to say we believe in unity and we believe in tolerance and we’re going to unify whether the KKK wants us to or not,” said Arshiya Saiyed.


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