After serving apple-chicken salad in pastry shells, cucumber tea sandwiches, smoked salmon and asparagus crustini, summer berry tarts, pink lemonade with kiwi, and tea, members of Danah Salem’s Girl Scout troop did a lively rendition of the Macarena dance.

There was a purpose to this dance, the grand finale of the troop’s mother-daughter party held Saturday at Reed’s Cove Clubhouse. They had a dance badge to earn.

The party served as a bonding experience for mothers whose homelands include places such as Syria, Sudan, Jordan and Singapore. These are women united by their Muslim faith and whose daughters make up one of several Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland troops based at Annoor Islamic School, 6655 E. 34th St. North.

Earning badges is nice, but there’s a deeper satisfaction in having their children participate in Girl Scouts, they said.

“The values of Girl Scouts are very similar to the Islamic values,” said Salem, who leads the group of fifth- and sixth-graders along with Layla Anbarji. “It’s nice to re-emphasize those values in a different kind of way instead of always saying, ‘This is what our religion tells you.’ “

The school also has students participating in Boy Scouts of America, staff members said. More than 20 girls participate in Girl Scout troops based at the school. More troops are expected to be formed next year.

“That’s huge for a school,” said Angela Cato, marketing and communications manager for the Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland. “It’s a very good representation.”


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