The July 7 bombings in London led imams and other Islamic religious leaders and government officials across the world to release statements denouncing terrorism and vowing to confront religious extremism. Muslims went beyond just condemning the attacks; they also took and continue to take active steps to combat extremism and the exploitation of religion for violent political purposes. According to the teachings of Islam, Muslims are those who live their lives based upon the principle of moderation. According to the Holy Quran 25:70, “One who kills a person will find his place in Hellfire unless he reaffirms his faith, seeks God and his victims’ forgiveness and lives a life of good deeds.” The Holy Quran clearly declares that killing an innocent person was tantamount to killing all mankind and, likewise, that saving a single life was as if one had saved the life of all mankind. This is both a principle and a command. The social culture of Islam is based on the principle of inviting people toward good, courteously and wisely. We are firmly of the view that these killings had absolutely no sanction in Islam; nor is there any justification whatsoever in our noble religion for such evil actions. (MORE)


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