The Libertarian Party of Kentucky’s executive committee voted last night to remove their endorsement of U.S. Senate candidate Sonny Landham, following a series of increasingly controversial comments he made about Arabs. Landham, however, remains unapologetic after seemingly calling for an Arab genocide, and asserts he will continue his campaign as an independent.

“The questions have been answered, the issues have been resolved, and we are now prepared to make our decision public,” said Libertarian Party state chair Ken Moellman in a statement. “Sonny Landham will not be running for US Senate as a Libertarian.”

Landham’s candidacy as a Libertarian lasted just over a month and was officially terminated in a unanimous vote by party leadership.

The former actor was a controversial choice from the start given his history. Though he gained fame after starring in the action film Predator, he earned notoriety for his appearances in several pornographic films and policy videos for the Council of Conservative Citizens – considered a “hate group” by many. He then stirred controversy with some of his policy positions, including an outright denial of climate change.

The last straw for the Libertarian Party was evidently his dramatic comments about Arabs, which Landham delivered on several occasions last week.

“We were as surprised by this development as everyone else. We certainly don’t advocate or support the language or positions recently espoused by Landham,” added Moellman in the statement.

In addition to announcing his support of a blanket ban on all Arab immigration to the United States and referring to Arabs as “camel-dung shovelers”, Landham also made comments in which he seemingly advocated for indiscriminate attacks on Arab peoples during an appearance on the Weekly Filibuster internet radio program.

“So are you calling for a complete genocide of the Arab race? Is that what you’re saying? Unless they raise the white flag?” asked Sage Koontz, a panelist on the program.

“When you are in a war, you kill every thing that moves,” responded Landham. (MORE)


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