Since moving to Louisville seven years ago, Zenita Bekric has visited many of her friends’ places of worship.

But until yesterday, Bekric, a 20-year-old Bosnia native, was never able to repay the favor. When friends asked where she worships, she would reply, “Well, there’s this place and that place.”

Now there is Kevser, a house converted into a mosque by the Bosniak-American Islamic Center.

A one-story white vinyl-sided building with a small gray minaret, Kevser — which celebrated its grand opening yesterday — is somewhere that Bosnians and other Muslims can pray, be married and have “a place to call their own,” Bekric said.

Since its 2001 inception, the nonprofit Bosniak-American Islamic Center has devoted itself to keeping alive the Bosnian language, way of life and Islamic religion practiced by some, center president Semsudin Haseljic said.

The center has an imam, Azam Efendira, but until yesterday it had no mosque to call its own.


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