Despite its name, the Faithbusters discussion series isn’t about disproving religion.

Instead, organizers of the series hope to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding religions that Americans typically know little about. Islam is the topic of the first Faithbusters installment, tonight at 6:30 in the W.T. Young Library Auditorium.

“We hope to educate people on Islam and ourselves,” said Yahya Ahmed, president of the Muslim Student Association, whose members will be discussing their faith at the event.

“When we conduct these kinds of dialogues, we really emphasize the point that there are no controversial questions,” said Ahmed, a biology and Islamic studies senior. “There’s nothing that’s off-limits or off-target. The more questions you have, the better understanding you can come to.”

After the discussion, the traditional Islamic dessert ashure, or Noah’s pudding, will be served in the gallery next door.

Although the event will serve to highlight common misconceptions surrounding Islam, it is also intended to educate students on many of the basic beliefs and tenants of the religion, such as the five daily prayers, fasting during the month of Ramadan and the hajj, or pilgrimage, to the holy city of Mecca. (MORE)


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