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Since last month, Bluestem has been following news of tonight’s Central Minnesota Tea Party sponsored speech by Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel, “one of the most visible personalities on a circuit of self-appointed terrorism detectors who warn that Muslims pose an enormous danger within United States borders,” according to the New York Times.

Last night, we posted in CD7 GOP chair distributes Central Minnesota Tea Party email invitation to Brigitte Gabriel event that tea party organizer Nancy Judd had noted in an email that was forwarded to area Republicans:

I know we would do better, but it has been requested that we not put this event in newspapers or put up flyers – any advertising like that will be done by Brigitte’s organization if they choose to do so. I have contacted a few law enforcement agencies, but if you have email addresses for me, I will send a personal invitation to those in your areas. All law enforcement showing their badges at the door get in free – we want them educated!

Today, the executive director of the Committee on American-Islamic Relations–Minnesota (CAIR-MN) Lori Sayora sent us an email about her group’s follow-up on that offer:

CAIR-MN contacted 20 police departments near Little Falls today and asked them to make an informed decision on an invitation to an event featuring anti-Muslim activist Brigette Gabriel. CAIR-MN has received a positive response and assurance from law enforcement that they will not attend the anti-Muslim event.

In the July 29, 2013 letter, CAIR-MN wrote:

“As your police department would not, and should not, get trained by a racist or an anti-Semitic speaker, we kindly request that you apply the same standard to an anti-Muslim speaker.”

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