As the son of a Pottsville native, I am heartened to read that the Jewish citizens of Pottsville offered their synagogue to the area’s Muslim citizens when their mosque was damaged by an accidental fire. I also commend the Mechanicsville Fire Company for its truly American demonstration of care and concern.

Far too often, Americans like myself, living abroad, read of the negative aspects of life in the United States ­ the anger, violence and hatred. At times, it becomes difficult to believe that Americans “at home” remember the values upon which our country was founded ­ tolerance, respect and freedom.

It is a wonderful and very American thing that has happened in Pottsville and Mechanicsville and it helps to restore one’s faith in our country.

It also speaks clearly to those who would doubt or discredit our country, that America is indeed a land of understanding and greatness where people of all faiths and races can grow and prosper in freedom and dignity.

My warmest regards to those who remember my mother’s family, the Lechleitners.

Serge E. Grynkewich II

Past President
American Association of the Philippines
Makati City


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