Re “More evenhanded policy, please,” letter, Jan. 15: I write to add my voice and others’ to the citizens who object to the recent actions of Sen. Barbara Boxer regarding the Council on American Islamic Relations and the executive director of its Sacramento chapter, Basim Elkarra. Boxer, bowing to hate group pressure, rescinded an award given to Elkarra.

Where has Boxer been these past five years? These times demand more affirmation of the positive, more consistent consultation with people of many faiths. The Muslim community’s shock at this action is understandable. It is highly commendable (and consistent with the principles of CAIR and its individual members) that their response has been to offer to stay in communication with Boxer.

Celebration of Abraham is a multi-faith group in Davis and Woodland that has held three annual community gatherings, drawing together hundreds of people for education, conversation and celebration. We have learned from and about one another, enjoyed music, table fellowship and stories of lives lived honoring differences and celebrating our common ancestors, Abraham and Sarah. This year’s is Sunday 3-5 p.m. at St. James Memorial Hall, 14th and B streets, in Davis. Appropriately, the theme is “The stranger among us.” Boxer is most cordially invited.

– Sarah Motley, Davis


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