I write to urge the Times to use its influence – in print and otherwise – to request federal government officials to end the persecution and inhumane treatment of Dr. Sami Al-Arian, the former USF professor found by a jury of peers to be not guilty on eight terrorism charges.

Furthermore, I urge you to suggest to your readers that they, too, have a responsibility in this matter of seeking justice in this case.

I have known Dr. Al-Arian and his wife since 1990. I consider them to be honorable persons who are true to their Islamic faith by opting to be compassionate to their fellow men by caring for, and serving, those who are suffering from being oppressed.

Their “being true to their faith” is parallel to what I, a practicing Christian (United Methodist) attempt in being compassionate and caring for people in unfortunate circumstances.

Dr. Al-Arian is not the only victim here, of course. His wife and family are, too.

Why does our government insist upon continuing its inhumane harassment of Dr. Al-Arian, thus risking alienating the sentiments of the thousands of “right-thinking” Muslims in the United States, as well as giving further cause for “right-thinking” Muslims worldwide to think ill of us?

Please, lend your efforts toward effecting the release of Dr. Al-Arian.

Paul E. Dinnis, Brandon


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