Column about Mumbai sows seeds of fear, hatred

Cal Thomas’ column about the Mumbai attacks (Dec. 3) reads like an agenda item from a typical terrorist playbook: Create havoc, turn neighbors against neighbors, sow fear and suspicion among races and religions and then sit back and watch all hell break loose. Terrorists come in all forms: Some kill with guns and bombs, others achieve the same purpose by spreading propaganda and misinformation.

We need to be aware of Thomas and his ilk, the Joseph Goebbels of our time. The world has had enough of these sick-minded individuals, those who kill and maim, and those who promote hate. As far as I am concerned, all terrorists along with Thomas can move to Mars and enjoy the warm climate. Thomas, once there, can have his own newspaper and a reality TV show.

Cal, please spare us from your hate agenda. The world has had enough of the extremists and bigots. Let us heal in peace.

Deen Al-Huq, Meridian

Thomas’ ignorance turns immigrants into scapegoats

Cal Thomas’ version of America resembles the movie set of “Planet of the Apes.” It’s possible that people like Cal Thomas see themselves as the Caesars of such a world. The answer to every problem with these self-proclaimed experts is to curtail immigration and limit freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

Cal claims that the terrorist attacks in Mumbai were a direct result of “high birth rates” of Muslim “immigrants” in India. Someone please inform him that Muslim population of India is indigenous to the area. India has more than 150 known terrorist groups; most of them are not associated with Muslims. In fact, the most notorious of these groups are linked to extremist Hindu ideology. Thousands of murders and rapes of non-Hindus, including Christian missionaries, were committed by them since 2001. Holding more than 1 billion Muslims or one-fifth of the world population responsible for the actions of few nut cases is like suggesting that all Caucasian gun owners be placed in an internment camp because the next Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, may come from among them.

The fight against terrorists can be won without creating more terror. Let’s not make immigrants a scapegoat of our ignorance.

Irfan Ali, Meridian


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