A Massachusetts state agency has ruled that a complaint by four Arab-American men that they were harassed by managers at FedEx Corp. — who called at least two of them “terrorists” — may proceed.

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination became the latest U.S. government entity to rule that drivers at the package-delivery company are employees and not independent contractors.

That is a question at the heart of campaigns to unionize FedEx truckers, since the company has said that as independent contractors, its workers are not eligible for union representation.
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Kuwait-born Loay El-Dagany, 31, said on Monday he was subjected to abusive treatment by his manager from the time he started working as a FedEx trucker in Massachusetts in 2003.

“When I started working with FedEx, this guy, he tried to push me hard and called me names, using words like ‘terrorist,'” El-Dagany told Reuters. “He mentioned (Al Qaeda leader Osama) bin Laden, that we may be cousins … Sometimes, when he doesn’t like something, he’d take one of the packages and throw it in my face and go and scream.”

In addition to verbal abuse, the men charged in filings with the Massachusetts agency that they were treated unfairly in their work assignments.

“These drivers were assigned and reassigned with worse routes and were intentionally given too many stops to handle,” the complaint said.


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