For the past three years, Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art has played host to the groundbreaking series of concerts dubbed “Cultural Constructions,” held twice a year. Four Boston-area musicians from different backgrounds are given a month to create a concert drawing on their traditions to make a new musical amalgam. Past concerts have featured blends of, among others, Asian, Latin American, and Turkish music, and have incorporated genres from klezmer to bluegrass, free jazz to hip-hop. Tomorrow’s concert is subtitled “Diverse Voices of Islam.” The participants hail from four far-flung corners of the Muslim world: Boubacar Diabate is a singer and guitarist from Mali, West Africa. Singer Tanya Mohammad Jacobs is from Pakistan, and brings with her a wide experience in world music, from French chansons to Balkan brass bands. Abdul-Wahab Kayyali, born in Beirut, to a Jordanian family of Palestinian descent, plays oud, the classical Arabic lute. Free-jazz saxophonist and Dallas native Raqib Hassan is noted for playing double-reed instruments from around the world. (MORE)


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