After an article about local cardiologist Dr. Nadeem Afridi’s visit to his home country of Pakistan appeared recently in The Daily News, the doctor received an unexpected call.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation wanted to set up a time for an interview, since Afridi was in Pakistan when former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated.

Before he knew it, he was sitting face to face with two FBI agents for lunch at Angie’s on Pleasant Street.

The Daily News story raised a red flag for the FBI. No stranger to interrogations, Afridi is typically detained for more than five hours each time he makes a trip across the border.

After giving his personal views of Pakistani and U.S. relations, Afridi is hopeful his interview will help the FBI to understand the Pakistani people.

“The positive angle is we come from different countries and may have settled here, but the bigger issue in the world is with labels and misperceptions of the Muslim religion,” Afridi said.

“I was afraid initially, but after we spoke, I’m not worried at all. The worst thing is they will find out I forgot to pay some tax or a driving ticket,” he added.


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