Scholars in Islamic studies at Boston University have worked together throughout the past year to create one of the largest Islamic academic programs in the country, now offering more than 70 courses.

The Institute for Muslim Societies and Civilizations – a division of the College of Arts and Sciences founded in fall 2006 – serves as the meeting point for scholars and researchers of Islamic studies.

“The Institute was a creation that took several years to come into being,” said Michael Carroll, the Institute’s administrator. “Faculty members scattered across various departments found that they had a common link, the study of Muslim societies, and this realization helped create the Institute.”

The Institute has 31 scholars, 25 of whom are graduate students or doctoral candidates.

“We help facilitate the needs of scholars and get people to work together,” Carroll said. “We wanted to create an atmosphere of work collaboration for research projects.”

Carroll said the Institute provides many services to graduate students, such as funds for research. It also hosts workshops and events, such as its Doctoral Candidate Series, when doctoral candidates present their research to others. (MORE)


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