The deal may be over, but the reverberations of the Bush administration’s thwarted attempt to allow an Arab company to manage operations at six of the nation’s ports left shockwaves in Congress.

And the maelstrom has sent powerful tremors through the Muslim-American community as well.

Local Muslim leaders believe that the continuing uproar over the Dubai World Ports deal is simply “another opportunity to bash the Arabs and Muslims.”

“To us, drops keep falling, things keep on adding up, one thing after another,” said Malik Khan, president of the Islamic Center of Boston in Wayland.

Constant media coverage of the most inflammatory news, such as the melee resulting from the Danish press’ publication of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed with an atomic bomb in place of a turban, has only created more animosity toward Muslims here and abroad, said Mohamed Lazzouni, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Al-Hamra Academy in Shrewsbury.


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