Biram Seck’s anger is simmering.

“I am hoping they are going to be punished,” the Medford woman said in a soft voice yesterday. “They’ve ruined our life. They really hurt us as a family.”

Seck was referring to three boys, one 13 years old and the two others 12, who are accused of burning Seck’s 13-year-old son in August during a Medford sleepover while allegedly using racial epithets.

At a press conference in Boston yesterday, Seck and her husband, Martin, spoke out for the first time about the attack, which their attorney called a “lynching” because the goal was to deny the victim his rights.

According to the Secks and their lawyer, their son was invited to the sleepover birthday party by a 13-year-old friend. Around 4 a.m. on Aug. 27, the victim was about to use the bathroom when two middle school students grabbed him by the arms while the third attacked with an aerosol can he was using as a makeshift flamethrower, the family said.

When the can sputtered out, the attackers used a lighter, burning the victim on numerous places in his body. said Ozell Hudson Jr., the family lawyer.

“They were laughing at him and calling him the N-word,” Hudson said.

He added that the Secks believe the host parents were home at the time, as was the victim’s friend, but no one came to his aid as he shouted in pain.

“He screamed continuously,” said Hudson. “We are not talking about one or two burns here.” He said the child suffered nearly 20 burn marks over his body.

“My son, he trusted them until he was being burned,” said Seck. “They have evil minds, evil minds. It’s awful.”

Hudson said the three suspects have been charged with criminal civil rights violations, but he faulted Medford police for what he said was their failure to immediately treat the case as a hate crime. (MORE)


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