For weeks the Islamic Center in West Springfield has been cleaning up broken glass and listening to threatening phone calls. On Thursday night, the interfaith community came together to show their solidarity.

Mohammad Saleem Bajwa, President of Islamic Society, says ” has a strong fear that something is going to happen. We don’t feel safe when we’re in our congregational prayer.”

That’s because someone broke windows, smashed doors and left threatening phone calls. Calls like this one: “You must denounce the violence that your people are perpetrating against citizens of the free world or there will be hell to pay, my friends. It’s time to make peace.”

The vandalism started March 21st and every few days something new has happened.

Bajwa says, “If adverse things happen oversees or any bad news automatically there are some people who are uneducated and ignorant. They connect us with that.”

On Thursday, members of many religions in Western Mass held white roses to symbolize peace and signs to speak out. They want those who are behind these attacks to hear loud and clear if you attack one community you’re attacking all.

Jane Morrissey, Sister of St. Joseph’s, says, “It’s just like it happens to me, to my home or my parish.”

Martin J. Pion, President of the Interfaith Council, says “It’s not one religion against another. It’s all religions together.”


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