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WESTERVILLE, Ohio – A lawsuit filed by attorneys with the Columbus chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations on behalf of a Columbus man alleges religious discrimination by his former employer in Westerville.

Yusuf Sufi is a native of Somali who said he was fired after asking for a religious accommodation to leave work for one hour in order to go to a local mosque to say his Friday prayers.

Sufi worked for Exel in Westerville.

According to the lawsuit, Friday prayers are mandatory in the Muslim faith.

“The manager say ‘If you go pray, you fired’…I feels bad,” Sufi said.

According to the lawsuit Sufi was granted a religious accommodation during his first few months at the company and was allowed to leave to pray but that was revoked when his managers changed.

Romin Iqbal is Sufi’s attorney and says that his client was told he could not go to the human resources department to discuss the problem and was eventually fired.

Iqbal said the problem is even more widespread, pointing to a complaint he filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regarding 18 other employees at Exel allegedly fired for praying at work. (Full article)

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