After speaking she was besieged by the crowd in rock-star fashion, the way Sen. Barack Obama typically is. But the person at the center of things Saturday afternoon was Madeleine Albright, who had just spoken on behalf of Obama’s opponent in the Democratic presidential race, Sen. Hillary Clinton.

The former secretary of state told a large turnout at the Islamic Society of Baltimore in Woodlawn that she was proud to support the former first lady’s bid for the White House because they shared a common vision. They had traveled the world at times and worked on common projects during the Clinton administration, she added, and had even attended the same undergraduate school, Wellesley College, although about 10 years apart.

“We need a president who walks in there on the first day [knowledgeable and] ready to work, who can put America back where it should be,” Albright said. “With Sen. Clinton we will have a remarkable president and have a revolutionary change.”

Albright was one of three presidential campaign speakers at a forum sponsored by the Maryland Muslim Council. Delegate Dan Morhaim (D-11th) spoke on behalf of Obama, and Joe Seehusen represented Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Morhaim told the forum that he had helped put together Obama’s health-care proposals, and that the Illinois senator “has a unique ability to work with all kinds of people, and that’s what it’s going to take.”

He noted that Obama had voted against the Iraq War and that his “personal background of diversity” puts him in good stead on international affairs.

Seehusen drew loud applause when he said Ron Paul was against the Patriot Act, watch lists, racial profiling “and especially unconstitutional searches.” (MORE)


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