The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s difficulty in buying land in Walkersville is giving déjà vu to a Frederick Muslim who experienced similar trouble seven years ago.

When 400 Muslim families in Frederick County wanted to buy 100 acres near Buckeystown for a mosque in 2000, the Frederick Board of County Commissioners blocked the move, saying the land should be used for agriculture.

The former president of the Islamic Society of Frederick this week said he sees parallels between that episode and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s pending land purchase in Walkersville.

But one major difference, he said, is that more residents supported Muslims in 2000 than do today.

‘‘We have suffered similar injustice,” Khalil Elshazly, the Islamic Society of Frederick’s former president and a current member of its board of trustees, said. ‘‘For the most part, there was support from the public, and not from the government.” (READ MORE)


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