Woman Escorted From Maryland High School

A Maryland substitute teacher was arrested after an alleged anti-Islamic tirade in front of high school students.

Carol Joan McVey, 49, was charged with resisting arrest, trespassing, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

Police said McVey became upset when she heard some students at Gaithersburg High School, who were being assisted by another teacher, practicing a speech and using some Arabic words.

The Washington Post said she reacted after overhearing the group utter an Islamic greeting of peace.

Charging documents allege McVey shouted, “Islam doesn’t mean peace, it means killing everyone for peace” and “Because of you, our families died in New York!”

It’s not known if anyone who heard the alleged remarks is Muslim.

Authorities said McVey went to the school office to express her displeasure about the speech and the assisting teacher and was told by the principal that her services were no longer needed at the school

Police said she refused to leave and was escorted from the school by the educational facilities officer.

While being escorted from the building, McVey allegedly yelled at a Hispanic teacher about the inappropriateness of speaking to students in languages other than English.


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