Tenants at 282 Main St. admit things got out of hand on July 16, when a confrontation with their Muslim neighbors erupted into a spectacle of barking dogs, baseball bats, taunts of “Taliban” and plenty of profanity.

For them, it was all a misunderstanding about one neighbor and his dog, a pit bull named Jake.

For Kenneth Post and Raihanah Alsameai, the Muslim couple, it was the cap to a weekend of harassment at the hands of their apartment-building neighbors.

It ended with police escorting Post and his wife out of the building, putting them up in a local hotel and serving protection orders on three of the tenants. Management company MTM Apartments Property is moving to evict four of them.

“We didn’t want any of this,” Post said Monday. “We just wanted to be left alone, to live our lives.”

Police have filed no charges, but they have passed all reports and information about the incidents to the Maine Attorney General’s office for review.

“They’ll look at it to determine if there needs to be hate-crime violations filed,” said Auburn Chief Phil Crowell. “What we know is that there was a problem, and it was escalating. It started with calls to police on the 13th, more on the 14th and 15th. Finally, it got to the point where we had to make some changes and put a stop to it.”


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