GRAND RAPIDS — Some local Muslim leaders are demanding Richard DeVos apologize for remarks he made to Cornerstone University graduates comparing the “Muslim world” to Hitler’s global threat.

A statement issued by a local mosque this week calls DeVos’ comments at the May 5 Cornerstone graduation “hateful speech that seeks to lump the millions of us with a radical few.”

“What are you trying to say, Mr. DeVos, by comparing us to Hitler’s war machine?” reads the statement by the Islamic Mosque and Religious Institute, 321 Fuller Ave. NE.

Mosque leaders said they were “shocked and disturbed” by the comments, adding that lumping all Muslims with fringe groups is “equal to McCarthyism.”

Mosque officers said they would like to meet with DeVos and give him an opportunity to clarify his remarks or see whether his remarks were relayed accurately.


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