To the editor,

As a fellow freedom-loving American, I feel the need to respond to Mr. Alar’s letter and other letters over the past few weeks regarding those who are Muslim.

May I remind you, Mr. Alar, that with the freedom of speech that you say “certain” Muslim leaders have used to voice anti-American propaganda, we are also granted the freedom to follow whatever religious or spiritual path we wish without persecution, including the faith of Islam.

Perhaps a closer study of Islam would do everyone some good, and we would see that the true faith of Islam is a loving and accepting religion. It is very true that some countries and leaders have taken the teachings of the Qu’ran out of context when applying them to Islamic Law and have taken away many basic human rights from their citizens.

However, some practices that may seem like a denial of human rights to us is not always seen that way by others. For example, Islamic women willingly wear a covering, or hijab, as a sign of their submission to God. A quick check of 1 Corinthians 11:5-6, and you would see that Christian women are commanded to cover their heads as well, or be shorn.

I want to be clear that in no way do I support or sympathize with Islamic radicals, or any other religious extremist groups. The problem is, since Sept. 11, too many people have accepted the idea that EVERY Muslim is an extremist, plotting the downfall of America. In another letter to the editor, it was asserted that there were no moderate Muslims and that no Muslim leaders had spoken out to condemn terrorism. A “good Muslim” was called the same thing as a “good Nazi.” What a horribly ignorant thing to say. The following list is a few of the Muslim organizations (abbreviated) that have publicly condemned terrorism and radicalism: AMPCC, AMA, AMC, AMJ, CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, ISCSC, SSANA.

At the age of 17, I am alarmed at how many people openly express their hatred towards followers of the Islamic faith, and other faiths that differ from their own. The problem with our world today goes beyond Islamic extremism. We all need to learn love, respect and tolerance for one another, no matter what our differences are. The greatest threat to the liberty of our nation is not the Muslim, Mr. Alar; it is misguided opinions like yours. I hope that this letter helps you, and others, to overcome their prejudices.

Donnie Alverson, Adrian


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