Three Arab-American men arrested in Tuscola County for suspicious cell phone purchases are back home in Mesquite, Texas awaiting trial for other federal charges.

Initially the men were arrested as Tuscola County authorities suspected a terrorist plot with the Mackinac Bridge as the target. Federal authorities quickly indicated there appeared to be no such plot; state charges were dismissed Aug. 16.

However, once those terrorism charges were dismissed, Maruan Awad Muhareb, Adham Abdelhamid Othman and Louai Abdelhamied Othman were charged with federal conspiracy and money laundering, according to authorities with the U.S. Marshal’s office in Bay City.

The trio, who reportedly had 1,000 cell phones in their vehicle – some purchased from Michigan Wal-Mart stores – were released from Tuscola County to U.S. marshals in Bay County.

On Wednesday, they were released from a jail in Saginaw after each posting $10,000 bond, according to a U.S. Marshal Court Security officer in Bay City.

They were turned over to a pretrial service in Michigan which works with the pretrial service in Texas to keep track of the three men, the officer reported. They are on tethers and have to ask permission to come and go while awaiting a hearing, he added.


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