FLINT, Michigan — A group of Flint-area physicians will band together to open the Muslim Outreach Free Clinic later this month, offering a half-day of free health care services each week to lower income people without health insurance.

The project is the brainchild of a group of Muslim physicians who hope to help address the health care crisis in the Flint community brought on by the current economic downturn.

The free clinic will be housed in the after-hours urgent care clinic opened in February by Dr. Ahmed Arif at 1301 Flushing Road, next door to Arif’s regular internal medicine and pediatrics practice.

“The urgent care clinic is only open in the evenings so this facility was available during the day and it’s located close to the population that most needs these services,” said Arif. “Our main goal is to serve people who don’t qualify for any kind of health insurance and don’t have enough income to afford anything on their own.”

The clinic’s first date is June 24. About 12-15 family care physicians will rotate at the half-day clinic every Wednesday afternoon from 1-4:30 p.m., providing free care to anyone who meets the qualification guidelines.

“They will be doing this when most physicians take off a half-day of work,” said Arif. “We’ve also contacted diagnostic facilities and labs who’ll provide us with free services. A lot of people have been very generous and forthcoming to help us provide all aspects of care for longterm and chronic illnesses.”

Patients who need diagnostic tests such as MRIs and cardiac stress tests will be referred to those facilities for services, which will also be provided free of charge to the clinic’s patients. (More)


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