Every morning before walking out the door, Business junior Aisha Jukaku looks in the mirror, skillfully pinning her scarf to make sure her hair, ears and neck are carefully tucked away. Like millions of Muslim women across the world, Jukaku’s colorful scarf is part of her daily wardrobe. Jukaku’s scarves, along with her long-sleeved shirts and long pants, are part of her hijab, ”” the Islamic dress code for women ”” which she wears in observance of the Islamic law of modesty.

Her faith requires that she cover every part of her body except her feet, face and hands. There is also a separate law of modesty for men, although this law is not as noticeable because it only requires them to be covered from the navel to the knee, she said. Nadine Naber, a professor of women’s studies and anthropology, said there has been a lot of discussion about hijab in western society, and images of women in hijab have been used to demonstrate the so-called backwardness of Muslim culture. (MORE)



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