These days the safest thing for Muslims is to be less Muslim. The list of
suspicious behavior includes praying regularly and going to the mosque.
Mona Mayfield understood this when she tried to defend her husband,
wrongfully accused in the Spain bombing. She pleaded that her husband “was
on the less religious side.” As if the crime were being Muslim itself.

Supposedly this war is not against Islam, and moderate Muslims are called
on to voice their opposition to extremism. Yet it seems we are less
interested in faithful Muslims who vehemently condemn terrorism (as do the
millions of Muslims in America and the world) and we embrace those who shed
Islam and are ready to vilify it.

This has become the acceptable “moderate” Muslim, which is to be not Muslim
at all. These Muslims are not self-critical Muslims who contribute and
change Islam’s interaction with the West, but they are self-promoting
individuals whose quickest way to fame is to attack Islam’s core tenets”¦

Muslim organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations have
without fail condemned each and every terrorist act these past few years.
CAIR has the overwhelming if not unanimous support of Muslims. Leading
Muslim scholars like Hamza Yusuf in the United States and Yusuf Qaradawi in
the Arab world have condemned the renegades who preach violence.
Intellectuals like Tariq Ramadan call for an end to anti-Western rhetoric
among Muslims. These men have more far-reaching influence than the man
wrongfully perceived as the Muslim spokesman, Osama bin Laden. They also
have far more influence than those who resort to changing Islam’s basic


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