From: Dolan, Tim Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2007 12:03 PM To: All MPD (Public Info Only) Subject: Internal Investigation
To All Department members:

I was contacted by the media yesterday and asked about comments made by a MPD Lieutenant during an in-service training. Allegedly, this lieutenant implied or referred to Representative Keith Ellison as a terrorist – ostensibly because he is a Muslim. This same Lieutenant also questioned the ethics of any city that would hire a City Coordinator convicted of a misdemeanor crime. As Chief, I’d like to discuss these comments this with all of you as they greatly concern me.

It was appropriate that fellow classmates challenged these comments. We must, as a department, keep ourselves accountable while adhering to high standards of respect in matters of diversity. Further discussion is necessary to adequately address the concerns these comments raised. I will see to it that such dialog takes place.

The alleged comments, if they in fact they occurred, are unacceptable. Our department code of ethics states clearly that “[employees will] ….not use words or terms which hold any person, group or organization up to contempt.” The reason for this code is that such statements are prejudicial and offensive to others. Prejudice is any unreasonable judgment or opinion toward an individual or group based on their race, creed, region, occupation, etc. Therefore, calling Representative Keith Ellison a terrorist is a prejudicial statement. The comment not only offends a U.S. Representative duly elected by the citizens of Minnesota, but more importantly, it offends our own officers of Muslim faith.


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