One of the things that bothers me considerably about the current presidential campaign is how Barack Obama is constantly being challenged to verify that his religious affiliation is Christian and not Muslim, as if being a Muslim would be some terrible, unacceptable thing.

I cringe every time it happens, wondering how it must feel to be a decent, upstanding, productive American Muslim (or a Muslim citizen of any other country, for that matter). To me it feels like Muslims’ religious faith is constantly being maligned. Why else would it be such a contentious issue?

In Duluth, we have a number of Muslim citizens, originating from several different countries, and ranging from highly educated (college professors, physicians, etc.) to ordinary people like me.

I am a Christian Caucasian Obama supporter who would like to acknowledge and apologize to all my Muslim friends in Duluth and elsewhere who are contributing so much to the fabric of American life every day and yet who must be subjected to constant negative innuendos about their faith and culture.

Karen Alseth



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