Two disgusting hate crimes at the Islamic Center in just as many days, but as NewsCenter’s Jenna Gordon explains those at Rochester mosque just want to forgive and forget.

A disgusting act and it’s not the first time it’s happened; teens spitting on Muslims who attend the Islamic Center.

“All we can do is tell people in the Mosque to be a little more cautious and anything happens you let authorities know and let them deal with it,” says Rashed Ferdous with the Islamic Center.

Police received two reported hate crimes during the weekend.

On Sunday a Mosque employee was standing outside the Islamic Center when a group of 10 teens, all boys and one girl, rode their bikes to the front entrance.

Police say one of the young men spit on the employee and stole his keys.

A day earlier, we’re told another young man spit on a member and called him a derogatory name.

He also was with a group of seven teens again all boys and one girl.

“We just want to forgive people and we understand the ignorance on their part and if there’s alcohol involved it goes a little out of control,” says Ferdous.

Ferdous says members want to forgive the teens, but these incidents are not the first two that members of the Islamic Center have had to deal with in the last year.

“I was there one day when one group just stormed inside.”

“Hearing something like this is disheartening because it’s neither welcoming nor inclusive,” says Lawson.

Courtney Lawson with the Diversity Council says she was disappointed to hear about the recent crimes and says it’s a call to action for local government and community groups. (MORE)


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