Traveling abroad isn’t always necessary to gain cultural experience.

The Somali Student Association is trying to help students realize there are many cultures to celebrate on campus.

Northrop Plaza was filled with sunshine and people Friday to celebrate Somali Awareness Day.

The Somali Student Association, which hosted the event, provided food, showed cultural art, traditional clothing and artifacts, and performed cultural dances.

The Somali Student Association President Mohamud Ahmed said the day is important for University students because awareness is important for people to gain understanding about their culture.

There are many misconceptions people believe and by having events people can learn something new, he said.

One of the things people commonly don’t understand is why women cover their bodies, Ahmed said.

“It is a command by Allah for Islamic beauty,” he said.

Somali Student Association secretary and global studies senior Kadra Ibrahim said it is important for the association to show its presence on campus.

There are many different cultures on this campus and it is crucial that the Somali Student Association is able to celebrate its culture in the midst of such a vast array of cultures, she said.

“Students don’t have to go far,” she said. “You don’t necessarily have to go on a study-abroad trip to find another culture.”


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