A mosque just outside of Overland has been burglarized five times since the beginning of the year. Syed Hussain prays at the Northwest Islamic Center. He told Fox 2 that members are tired of it.

He said, “Upset, upset way upset I just hope hopefully these guys can get caught quickly and dealt with.”

The mosque has increased security, including adding infrared cameras which caught two of the suspects stealing cash in the middle of the night.They are easy to see even though it was dark inside the mosque. Police are confident someone knows who the suspects are and will do the right thing.

Tracy Panus, a spokeswoman for St. Louis County Police told Fox 2, “The body movements and those physical characteristics I’m hoping someone will recognize those two individuals and be willing to call us.”

So far the thieves have taken hundreds of dollars. People who pray at the North West Islamic Center call the crimes appalling.

Syed Hussain said, “Invasion of our privacy, invasion of our rights, so, it’s kind of very upsetting.”


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